Wide software expertise...

  • Advanced industrial GUI systems
  • Enterprise Client/Server and Web applications
  • Real-time instrument/equipment/process control and statistical data processing
  • Development and usage of software product lifecycle management systems, customer feedback tracking, analysis and reporting tools, online documentation repositories
  • Technologies: C#/C++, .Net 2.0, .Net 3.5, WPF, WCF, UML, PHP, Advanced Javascript/AJAX, XML/XSLT
  • Tools: MSSQL Server, MS VS 2005/08, MySQL, ClearCase, Lotus Notes
… constantly growing with appearance of new technologies and tools

Geolink’s software team… is both technologically and cost efficient

  • Focused on most advanced and complex applications
  • Has refined business process for on-time delivery and highest quality
  • Working with equipment by remote access and simulation
  • Charges a fraction of a US labor cost
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